General Information

CGA tryouts 2021/2022 are scheduled for the first week of June, 2021. Registration for tryouts is coming soon.


Tryouts are organized to reveal competence in a variety of individual skills as well as small group and team performance. Although players will be evaluated by their technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial abilities, these evaluations are just a guideline. Past performances, commitment to the team and player development may become considerations. Tryouts will be conducted in Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Teton Valley.

Post Tryouts

  • Registration for 2021/2022 season will start soon. For more info contact us at
  • Open registration window is July 6th – July 22nd. Players need to be registered in order to be placed on a team.
  • Once registration window closes, Age Group Directors will form teams.
  • After registration, new players will be assigned uniform number and invited to the on-line uniform store, Team Factory, to purchase player kit.