Dear Prospective Sponsor or Donor,

Currently, we are formally seeking sponsors and donors. The unique components of our organization are our accredited and professional staff, coordinated coaching curriculum, effective program administration, uniforms of high quality. CGA has rapidly become one of the best soccer clubs in the state of Idaho at developing players and teams, culminating with State Cup titles and representing Idaho at prestigious tournaments like Far West Regionals and other Regional Tournaments. In order to continue to make this rewarding experience a reality for our youth, we are reaching out directly to area businesses, families, and friends, and offering the opportunity to help by becoming a soccer Sponsor or Donor!  

Your sponsorship/donation will be targeted exclusively to lower the growing costs of the club’s 350+ players, enabling them to fully participate in club training programs, league games, and local and regional tournaments, training costs for professional coaches to work with our players and training equipment for coaches to use throughout the season, covering the costs of maintaining our fields for our players to practice and play games, purchase new and replace equipment that is no longer usable, or a sponsorship for the whole season keeping us from having to pass on increasing costs to our participating families. Furthermore, these sponsorship funds allows CGA to offer subsidies to families unable to pay for youth sports activities. 

With your help, CGA can fund more scholarships and keep participation fees in check and that can help make sports more accessible to kids and families. Our current sponsors are businesses like yours that recognize a unique opportunity to be part of an organization that is dedicated to promoting your business and helping our youth. Through your generous contributions, our player registration fees have remained affordable.

Call for Sponsors

CGA Academy Soccer Club invites sponsorships from business owners who believe in the rewards of supporting and participating in youth athletic programs. With the ever increasing cost of travel, tournament fees, insurance, uniforms, officials and league fees, we look to our business community for continued support.

In appreciation of your generosity, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to promote your company or raise your profile with our beneficiaries as well as the general public using player uniforms, newsletter advertising, website advertising, traditional marketing materials, signage.

Any contribution you’re able to make is sincerely appreciated by the entire club, especially our young athletes. We look forward to speaking with you about putting sponsorship into action. Contact us at info@cgaacademy.com!


CGA Academy Soccer Club has committed to work with the families that can not afford to pay for a full year of registration so that every child can enjoy a soccer experience.

Donations for our organization can make a massive impact on the success of our club.
Donations will go to the CGA Soccer Foundation that is a 501(C)3 and your support will be tax deductible.

CGA Soccer Foundation is committed to supporting student athletes who have the ability to play competitive soccer regardless of his/her family’s financial situation. To help meet the needs of those families, CGA Soccer Foundation offers a needs-based financial assistance program. 

Make a difference!