CGA KidStar

CGA Kid Star’s goal is to teach a solid soccer foundation and knowledge base of the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects the game on which players can build their athletic abilities.

KidStar Program

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Our focus is to create a club family feel and help all players to improve and find a love for the game. We believe in equal opportunity for all players by providing a standardized curriculum for all coaches and the opportunity to create even teams to have a better experience during the games for all players.
Games and practices are scheduled during the regular program times as posted for each age group. Our teams are co-ed and games are played against other Kid Star teams in your community. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out more about our focus and set up for each Kid Star age group (5U-10U).

Spring 2024 Registration is Open!


Indian Hills Soccer Complex
666 Cheyenne Rd.
Pocatello, ID 83204

7U-11U (Birth Years 2017-201
April 9 – May 30, 2024
Tuesday and Thursday

5U-6U (Birth Years 2019-2018)
April 9 – May 30, 2024
Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm

Teton Valley

Settlement Park
Settlement Dr
Victor, ID, 83455

5U-11U (Birth Years 2019-201
April 16 – June 6, 2024
Tuesday and Thursday

Registration closes April 1st, 2024 or until teams are full!

Uniforms are required for all Kid Star players. Uniforms for new Kid Star players is a separate fee ($30.00) with payment due at registration. Kits can be used until the player has outgrown the kit. Returning kidstar players do not need to order a new uniform unless choosing to order new. Uniform two jersey tops.

Program Breakdown by Age Group

The Kid Star program was created with child development and psychology in mind. Kids at different ages have different needs and abilities. We’ve broken Kid Star down into 3 age groups to help facilitate the growing mind and focus on those skills children can grasp best within each age group. Below is a breakdown of the skills we focus on for each age group. Coaches follow a curriculum the helps build the well-rounded soccer player by focusing on technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities.

5U-6U 3v3

This is our youngest group for Kid Star. Our main focus in this age group is on individual ball work. Two main characteristics of players in this age group are their short attention spans and that they all want to be the one with the ball. During practice, we do activities where every player has a ball at their feet to increase engagement and ball skills. Games are shortened to 15 minutes at the end of practice to help with shorter attention spans. We use the “New Ball” method in our games for this age group. When a ball goes out of bounds, a coach plays in a new ball. This helps drastically increase the amount of time the ball is in play. Skills we focus on for this age group include dribbling, directional awareness, introduction to flow of the game, introduction to good mental framework, and physical coordination.

7U-8U 4v4

In this age group we introduce more rules of the game, such as throw-ins, goal kicks, and corner kicks. Players in this age group are starting to love playing in the games and their attention spans are increasing. One day of the week is dedicated to practice and the second day of the week is dedicated to the game. As these players are developmentally more capable of field awareness, we introduce partner passing. Skills we focus on for this age group include passing, dribbling, ball skills, team spacing, field awareness,  and creating a good mental framework.

9U-11U 7v7

This is our oldest Kid Star group. Players are on a bigger, 7v7 field with a build out line and goalie box. We introduce positions in this age group, including the goalkeeper. All of the rules of the game are introduced and we have a referee for the games. This is a big transition for the players so we spend a lot of time working on positions and understanding the rules and flow of the game. Skills we focus on for this age group include passing, dribbling, shooting, ball skills, positions, team spacing/field awareness, and building a strong mental foundation.