Art of Soccer

An artist has the ability to express themselves through a chosen medium. Through practice and discovery, through trial and error an artistic style is formed. Through discipline the artist masters self. Through commitment and hard work one prepares the road ahead. Through devotion one’s focus is set on the prize and can’t be led astray. Fun, enjoyment and the challenge of expression is the motivation.

20150814_103306-1By choosing CGA Academy SC – Art of Soccer – you are choosing the path of the artist. You are choosing to have fun playing soccer and enjoy the challenge of the game. You are ready to accept and learn from the tools that will help you to be successful: discipline, commitment, hard work, preparation, devotion, fun and the enjoyment of the challenge.

We are lifelong learners of the game of soccer and we believe in the Art of Soccer. We look forward to working with you to achieve your soccer goals and helping you along your journey. Thank you for visiting us.

Thank you,

CGA Academy SC