”We moved to SE Idaho from Seattle and we had always been involved in competitive soccer. We started off with that “other local club” and it was an awful experience. We found CGA and it has been amazing since day one. Lots of great coaches and they truly care about the kids!” – Steven Faircloth III.

“These coaches are demanding but supportive. Their Players love playing hard for them” – Andrea Richard.

“You are giving our son powerful lessons in life, friendship, disciple, fairness, dedication, resilience, patience, achievement, joy, respect, and also, as it happens, the sport of soccer. Thank you for all of those gifts” – Len Carlman.

“Mutual respect between coach and player is so apparent. My daughter wants to work hard because of her relationship with them. Thank you for supporting her passion for playing soccer!” – Shannon Hasenack

“You’ve been the best coach I’ve had and I’ve had many coaches. I’ve learned so much from you and your one of the big reasons why I’m headed off to college. Thank you for everything Carlos”. 

“FINALLY!!! A club comparable to out of state caliber in Pocatello!  My boys have gotten the best and professional training. Finally getting what we have paid for”. – Candee Carter

“In the beginning, my family was reluctant to make the move to CGA.  However, once we saw the passion of the CGA directors, the focus on player development, and the level of skill and knowledge the coaching staff possessed, we could not say no.  Looking back we have realized this was the best decision we could have made.  Every director on the CGA Staff has been involved in providing the best training possible for our girls.  CGA has helped our oldest daughter grow in confidence and learn to set and achieve goals both on and off the field.  She has been provided with opportunities we could not have imagined.  Our youngest player is being taught the art of soccer and developing a love for the game.  We have watched our little girls grow in their soccer skills.  They are learning fundamental skills taught by highly trained professionals that support our families love for soccer.  We have seen first-hand that CGA is a professional director run club that remains focused on what is most important, developing players and providing them with avenues to achieve their dreams”.  – The Kerley Family