Personal Development Training

    Private Training Sessions

  Every player can benefit from private training. Soccer is a team sport, however, each individual player has specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses that require attention to take one to the next level. In private training, we are able to work on specific areas by tailoring each training session to the individual. In private training, we focus on the skills aspect and match it with the mental attitude needed for growth. All of our coaches are expert demonstrators, have a high level of tactical understanding and show an enthusiasm for the game that is contagious and will rub off on the player. Our mentality in working with individuals is to do your best, if you don’t get it to try again, practice leads to improvement, patience, enjoyment of the moment and challenging one outside of their comfort zone.

Please see below a few examples of TECHNICAL skills include some of the following: 

  • Dribbling and Moves
  • First Touch & Receiving 
  • Passing (short and long, on the ground or in the air)
  • Heading 
  • Shooting 
  • Goalkeeping Techniques 
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness with and without the ball 

Our qualified staff will decide after the first 2 sessions what development plan will apply best to the player/ players.

Age Range8 years old and older  

Session Duration: 1 hour

  • Private training sessions can also provide pickup and drop-offs between Jackson and Wilson.
For 1 player 
 1 x Private Session 54.99$
5 x Private Sessions 249.95$ 
10 x Private Sessions 440.95$ 
Year long   300 session 8999.99$   – NEW PRODUCT
For 2- 4 plyers  
1 x Private Session 84.99$
5 x Private Sessions 424.95$ 
10 x Private Sessions 849.90$ 
Team (8+ Players)
$150 for 1 session
$675 for 5 session
$1200 for 10 session

Indoor training fees may be slightly higher due to facility rental

              Here is the active link for private lessons:                  

  • For more details, please contact:
  • Phone Number  307.200.1609 
  • Email: 
  • Phone Number 307.413.7908
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