Parent Education

Guidelines for Players and Parents


Player Conduct
At CGA Academy S.C., every player is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively upon one’s self, family and the club. All players will adhere to the standards below during practices and during games:
Do your best, work hard and have fun.

Refrain from lashing out at opposing players, parents, spectators or coaches. Even when you have been fouled or someone is taunting you. Controlling your emotions and your reactions are of utmost importance. Fighting and use of mean-spirited or foul language is not acceptable behavior.

Refrain from making comments or gestures that express negative connotations towards the referees. Your focus should be working together with your teammates to achieve the goals of the team. Do not focus your energy on the referee’s decisions. Control what you can control.

Be respectful toward your teammates and coaches. Disagreements will happen. When one works on a disagreement with respect and a positive mentality, disagreements can help the team solve problems and friendships to become stronger.

Display good sportsmanship. When you win you do it with respect for the other team. When you lose, you don’t have to like it but you must show respect for the other team. We will shake hands with our opponents and the referees after the game is over.

Players who can’t abide by the above standards may be disciplined by the team coach or by the CGASC Leadership. Helping players to become responsible young adults is important to the club and yes kids will make mistakes. However, the severity and repeated violation of the above standards may result in suspension or even expulsion from the club.

Parent Team and Club Support

It is the club’s aim to foster a community of support for the club and for our teams. Your active participation is needed as there are always many moving pieces. It takes a community to help individual players and teams achieve their goals. Please let us know if there is a way that you can help us help our soccer community.

Parent Communication

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your team manager, coach or CGASC Leadership.

During the course of a season, one may disagree with a coaching decision. This is natural and it is natural to speak to the coach about it. We ask that you please do this by arranging a meeting. Meeting directly before games (coach is preparing) and directly after games (reflecting, preparing and emotions still high) are not good times to discuss any issues.

Please do not send long emails or heated ones. Please arrange to speak with the coach, manager or CGASC Leadership in person. It is very easy to misread or misinterpret a message. Especially when you don’t already have an established relationship with that person.

Parent Conduct at Games

We have to set the right example. Please do not address the referee, opposing team’s players, parents or coaches in a negative, aggressive or confrontational manner. Our kids are watching our behavior and will copy us especially in stressful situations.

Please refrain from coaching your child during games. Players must be focused on the moment and the instructions that have been given to the team. It can become confusing, frustrating and overwhelming for a player when both parents and coaches are trying to give direction. During games, players must be completely focused on the directions the coach has given the players and the team in order for everyone to be successful.

Win or lose be supportive to the team and coaching staff. Your coach is 100% committed and devoted to the development of your child and the team. Win or lose they need your support to achieve individual and team goals.

Parent Conduct at Practices

You are more than welcome to observe your child’s practice and to learn more about the game. However, at no time should you make any comments towards any players or coaches during practice. Practices are a time for coaches to coach, players to learn and for the team to continue to bond. Interruptions can hinder the learning process and add unwanted pressure to coaches and the players.

Please help players to be on time to all practices. If players are running late, please notify the coach to warn them. If a player will need to miss a practice, please notify the coach as soon as possible. A couple of days’ notice is preferable.

Nutrition, hydration, rejuvenation

Soccer players burn a huge amount of energy by running around the field so much, which means you need to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to recover and get out there again.

The soccer players have to eat cooked food as much as they can, focus on fruits, vegetables, and carbs, make sure that they have a strict program for sleep.