CGA Academy SC U9 – U10

CGA Academy SC
Boys/Girls U10 born in 2008

Boys/Girls U9 born in 2009

August 15, 2017 – June 15, 2018

Our focus is to provide the absolute best training environment for players. The technical aspects of the game remain the focus of this age group. More emphasis is placed on cooperative play and understanding positional play. Players participate in a combination of in-house, city leagues, regional leagues and tournaments. Game format is 7v7.

2017-2018 Schedule:

  • *Below is the boys schedule. Girls schedule will include 1 tournament in the fall and 2 tournaments in the spring.

August 14 – October – 21

  • Local & regional league.
  • September 23-24, 2017 – Jackson Hole tournament.
  • October 7-8, 2017 – Boise tournament.

November 1 – February 1 

  • Indoor league and training in Pocatello 

February 15 – June 15

  • Local & regional league.
  • May 11-13, 2018 – Pocatello tournament.
  • May 18-20, 2018 – Directors Cup Boise.
  • June, 2018 – Rexburg tournament.

*Above schedule is still tentative. Final schedules will be posted by July 15th.

Cost for the year:


  • Initial registration is $235 (once per year) and includes: administration and coaching.


Uniform $150 and includes: 2 shirts, 2 shorts, 2 socks, warm up top, warm up bottom and printing. No purchase necessary if you already have the full kit. If you have a partial kit you will only need to pay for what you need.

August  2017 – May 2018

7 monthly payments of $75. No payments November, December or January. Monthly payment includes coaching, Idaho Youth Soccer registration/secondary insurance, entry fees to 5 tournaments. coach travel, outdoor facility fees, indoor facility fees, outdoor league registration and referees.


Registration for the 2017-2018 soccer year is open.

Components of the game:

  • Technique – experiment with the qualities of a bouncing ball and running with the ball, passing with the inside and outside of the foot, instep drive, receiving ground balls with the instep and outside of foot, receiving bouncing balls with the instep and sole, inside and outside of foot, fakes in dribbling and turning with the ball. Introduce heading and crossing. Practice throw-ins. For goalkeepers: ready stance, getting the feet set, how to hold a ball after a save, diamond grip, catching shots at the keeper, punting, recovery from down to the ground and up to set position and footwork exercises. Also introduce goal kicks and throwing.
  • Psychology – keep soccer enjoyable to foster a desire to play using self-motivation. Working in groups of three, four or five, stay focused for one entire half. There is an increase in responsibility, sensitivity, awareness of how to win or lose gracefully, fair play, parental involvement, how to play, communication and emotional management.
  • Fitness – factors are endurance, range of motion flexibility, rhythm exercises and running mechanics. Any fitness activities must be done with the ball. Introduce body resistance exercises and the idea of cool down.
  • Tactics – 1v1 defending, role of 1st attacker and defender, 2v1 attacking, what it means to get goal side, small group shape in pairs and threes (emphasize support on both attack and defense) playing on and around the ball as a group with purpose, playing a variety of positions to develop the complete player, introduce the principles of attack and set plays.