CGA Academy SC U15 Boys

CGA Academy SC
Boys Born in 2003 – U15 Elite 

 Season program: 

  August 2017 – June 2018     

At this level, college placement and professional opportunities are the priority. Teams play in local, regional and national events to gain experience and to showcase the team and the players.

  2017-2018 Schedule: The coaching staff might a adjust the schedule based on how the season progreses. 

  • High School Season or Utah League
  • Practice Begins
  • Indoor league and training in Pocatello and Idaho Falls 


  • February 17-19, 2017 Las Vegas Presidents Cup 
  • Feruary 17-19th, 2018 Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup
  • State Cup 25-28 May in Boise
  • Fc Nova
  • D3 
  • Pocatello Tournament
  • Presidents Cup (FWR)
  • Local & regional league.
  • May 11-13, 2018 – Pocatello tournament.
  • May 26-28. 2018 – State Cup Boise.
  • June, 2018 – Rexburg tournament.
  • June, 2018 – Far West Regionals or Presidents Cup  

Cost for the year:


  • Initial registration is $350 (once per year) and includes: administration and coaching.


  • Uniform $180 and includes: 2 shirts, 2 shorts, 2 socks, warm up top, warm up bottom and printing. No purchase necessary if you already have the full kit.
  • September  2017 – May 2018

Monthly payment is dependent on final schedule and participation in the winter indoor program. $124 (2003) and $128 (2002) includes coaching, Idaho Youth Soccer registration/secondary insurance, the entry fees to 6 tournaments. coach travel, outdoor facility fees, indoor facility fees, outdoor league registration, indoor league registration and referees. 


 At this level, teams are formed with the common goal of showcasing our players. This requires a great commitment from the player, parents, coaching staff and the club. It is our aim to give one the training, support and guidance needed to be successful in soccer and life.

Components of the game:

  • Technique – experiment with the qualities of a flighted ball like spin, swerve, chipping to pass, bending passes and driving crosses to the far post and top of penalty area. Also practice half volleys and volley shooting, slide tackles, heading to pass, flick headers, diving headers, receiving with the outside of the instep, outside of foot shot, receiving bouncing and air balls with the head, dummy the ball and shoulder charge. Introduce chipping to shoot.
    For goalkeepers: far post play, collapse save, step and save, step power and save, save/reaction save/recovery save, medium and high diving, deflecting over the crossbar and around the posts, boxing and catching crosses, reading crosses (when to come out and when to stay), half volley (drop kick), kick saves, long over-arm throws, saving penalty kicks and angle play.
  • Psychology – assertiveness, tension control, self and team discipline, able to stay focused for an entire match, sportsmanship, parental involvement, how to play, mental focusing techniques, emotional management and self-regulation.
  • Tactics – individual and group tactics including delay, depth and balance in defense. Compactness, role of 3rd defender, how to make recovery and tracking runs. Playing on, around and away from the ball with purpose. Responding to restart situations. How to defend in each part of the field. How to play in attacking half. Checking runs, take-overs, switching positions during the flow of play, zone defense and post-match analysis.
    For goalkeepers: taking command of the goal area, provide support on the attack out to the back line, distance of support to the defense, organization during a corner kick, setting the wall at free kicks and 1v1 with the defense and communication.
  • Fitness – acceleration, speed, anaerobic exercise, cardio respiratory and cardiovascular training, flexibility – static stretching (particularly in the cool down), lateral movement and all fitness work with the ball.