CGA 3v3 Street Soccer

Event Information: The 3v3 Street Soccer is an event offered by our club to everyone in their community aiming to recreate a culture of free play and pick up games. The event runs throughout the month of July and it is organized and supervised by one of our DOCs.

When: Starts 07/01/19 and Ends 07/26/19
Where: Every CGA community (Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Victor, ID).
Who: For players born 2009 through 2005.
Why: We want to offer the players the opportunity to play in an environment without any coaching where they can make new friends and be creative.

  • Anyone can participate as long as they have the appropriate date of birth.
  • NO FEE to play (open fields to everyone).
  • Each community will have 4 open field days for the month of July.
  • Teams will be made on the each day on the spot and the coordinator will having the flexibility to adjust them.
  • The format of play is 3v3 playing a round robin system, each session, with periods of 10 minutes.
  • Field size 25×35 yards using pug goals.
  • No referees and no coaching (any dispute has 10 seconds to be fixed or it will resume with drop ball)
  • You get three points for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss.
  • For every three corners in a game, there is a full field PK with no goalkeeper.
  • Out of bounds is a throw in.
  • For goal kick, you can pass or dribble in.
  • For your safety make sure you are wearing soccer gear (cleats and shin guards).
  • Non-CGA players need to sign a waiver.
  • No pre-registration needed.