CGA Days

CGA Days and Raffle

sponsored by Idaho Pathology Laboratory


  • We are excited to host our First Annual CGA Days and Raffle sponsored by Idaho Pathology Laboratory. 
  • The day will be filled with games, team pictures, and the raffle. The raffle proceeds will go to the CGA Soccer Foundation. Please, read below for more information about the raffle and all the great prizes.

General information      

  • Where: 550 Memorial Dr, Pocatello, ID, 83201 at the Holt Arena Turf Field 
  • The raffle drawing will take place during the CGA Day on March 17th at 12 pm.    


  • The raffle is going to support the CGA Soccer Foundation! Gifts – Winners 
    Polaroid Camera-donated by Ponce – Kathy Smith
    Whitewater trip-Dave Hansen – Sam Hendricks 
    Tough guy lanes – Lucina Labra
    Outer limits-Laser Tag – Merritt English 
    Dr. Ofisa Chiropractor ‘’Art of Motivation Chiropractor Sports and Medicine’’ – Steve Diamond 
    CGA Sweatshirt – Suanne Bowman 
    Snow King – Matt Shutes 
    Speaker Clifford Family medicine – Chris Bailey 
    CGA Sweatshirt – Brad Christensen 
    Laser Tag Passes- Lauren Hale 
    Apple Watch – Julie Fox 
    Rock Climbing Trip – Carl Dixon 
    CGA Sweatshirt – Julie Fox 
    Brewttouse – Julie Fox
    Garden Basket – Amanda Dance 
    IPad – Mary Gehrke
    World Cup Ball – Alex Sule
    Bowling Passes – Dee Poison